UPDATE!!! Herbert Appointed Judge has LEGISLATED from the Bench. The Manning’s are now being held hostage with a threat of jail time if we proceed…

A new venue will be announced ASAP. An event is still happening tomorrow, May 30th.

Today in the courtroom, we witnessed everything that is wrong with thugs running government. Corruption and unprofessionalism was displayed at every level.

Tooele County attorney Broomhead embarrassed himself and the county he represents. Commissioner Milne extolled the virtues of shutting down and the fear of people dying. AS HE WAS SPEAKING, a BMX race event was taking place at the Desert Peak BMX facility in Tooele.

What is the most glaring difference between the BMX event and the concert and market event hosted by Utah Business Revival? The county won’t see revenue from the revival.

The Manning’s, now a part of the Utah Business Revival family, were bullied, ridiculed, and violated today. They aren’t the only victims.

Thousands of us were planning on participating at this event.

Don’t you feel violated too?

Please don’t give up hope as we all need to keep fighting through this together.

We will continue providing updates as plans come together through the night and tomorrow.

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