Thanks to all who attended this evening’s event…

This wasn’t the night we had been anticipating. We were supposed to get together and listen to Collin Raye up at the amphitheater while supporting participating businesses, food trucks, and the Manning’s.

However, Tooele County decided to single us out and accused us of risking irreparable harm and an activist judge agreed with them. All while there were other venues (BMX races and softball tournaments) happening just around the corner.

Well, the county may have won a battle, but the war raged on. We came together and made our voices heard. Neither the county nor the state have the authority to violate our rights of association, assembly, or property. Livelihood is property. Our unity underneath the Utah Business Revival umbrella is association. And our presence at Benson Grist Mill park in Stansbury Park was assembly.

We will not be intimidated. We have inalienable rights. Tonight we sent another clear message that we will not idly stand by and watch those rights be trampled upon.

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