Should we go to Utah official’s homes to do our rallies?

Someone asked me if we should go directly to these Utah officials homes to do our rallies to prove a point.


Zero bit of that idea felt like a good thing in my heart. Like not even a second thought. Absolutely not for me.

You can trash me online, send me email and nasty emojis, all day long. But someones house?

If anyone showed up at my personal house, with my family inside, because they disagreed with what I said or did publicly, in any form, it would be a violation of the 2nd Great Commandment in my opinion. I would never want someone to show up at my house and bring intimidation to my family in any form. And in return, would share the same respect for others. Private homes are sacred.

During this time of great confusion and fear for everyone, we can have respect for other people as human beings, even if we have opposite stances.

Both sides of this argument believe they are right, and both sides (for the most part) want all people to live and be healthy. It’s just how we get to that point together, not only under the Constitution, including the 1st Amendment, but also as children of the same God.

Besides, the purpose of this group right now is to help revive small business while sending a message to a very confused Government. We can peacefully push the envelope in this process without crossing certain lines, even in our disagreements.

-Eric Moutsos

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