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SALT LAKE CITY, UT – Eric Moutsos, the former police officer who recently led the Utah Business Revival in Salt Lake City and the Business Expo in Vineyard, is pleased to announce another safe gathering event in support of people of all beliefs. The event will take place on Saturday May 16, 2020 from noon to 3 pm, at the State Capitol in Salt Lake City.  This is an open invitation for persons of all beliefs to assemble, and peacefully exercise their First Amendment rights, and help Salt Lake City businesses.

“Some are suggesting that the government has the right to ‘allow’ us to go to Church, or to dictate what we ‘must’ do when we get there,” said Eric Moutsos, the event organizer, quoting from a recent KSL article referencing the new Phased Guidelines released on May 6, 2020.  “Our government, especially the State of Utah, does not hold the right to bind people from the free exercise of their conscience,” Moutsos continued.  “There are certain unalienable Rights, endowed by our Creator – meaning rights that cannot be taken away by legislation, health departments, ordinances or the orders of civic leaders; we only lose those rights when we give them away.  We do not give them away. We remind some of our confused public officers that they serve at our pleasure and that we will not give these rights away. We stand for the principles that were fought for by our Founders and those who followed them. We stand together for the Constitution of the United States of America, the Utah Constitution; and specifically the First Amendment.

Saturday’s event will involve persons of all beliefs that may be found in Utah including those who prescribe to no religious custom or practice or who simply want to support the First Amendment.  According to Moutsos “we say, stand with us in person, and in spirit – and we invite everyone to participate whether they are Jewish, Catholic, Latter-day Saint, Muslim, Protestant,Buddhist, Hindu, Energy Healer, or Atheist, you name it.  Stand with us.  We will not give away our rights – through apathy –  what was earned by sacred blood spilled on the fields at Yorktown, the streets of Boston or the forests of Valley Forge. It is time for all citizens of Utah and our Great Nation to wake up and remind our politicians and bureaucrats that our government is of the people, by the people and for the people. We are the people. And we are the answer right now.”

“We keep talking about physical, mental, and economic health, but we are seeing very little talk about our Spiritual Health in society right now, especially on social media. We need to unite by Spirit in person; and we will help small businesses at the same time, by purchasing food and services in and around Salt Lake City before and after the event.” Moutsos continued.

Please remember all attendees are asked to respect those who voluntarily wish to social distance, and or voluntarily wear the protective gear of your choice. Following the peaceful spiritual revival, please support local struggling businesses, by purchasing food and services in and around Salt Lake City.

We ask attendees to also make a charitable donation via our online virtual food drive. A donation link to the UTAH FOOD BANKwill be available at The Facebook group page called Utah Business Revival now has almost 13,000 members and is growing daily.

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