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Grantsville, UT – Utah Business Revival is leading the way in supporting all small business owners Reopening Utah.

#UtahBackToWork is the mission behind its May 30th event featuring country music legend Collin Raye. UBR wants to highlight the small business heroes who set up booths and also give them a safe, outdoor opportunity to provide for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Kaysville has shown the world both the best and worst of government since this event’s initial announcement.

“With our Constitutional rights at risk, Kaysville Mayor Katie Witt and Police Chief Sol Oberg have championed our 1st Amendment freedoms of speech and assembly,” Utah Business Revival’s Eric Moutsos proclaimed.

“Unfortunately, Kaysville City Council members Michelle Barber and John Swan Adams are joining with disgraced former councilman Dave Adams and fringe groups like the Sons of Kaysville. In an effort to make government more powerful, they’re choosing to join the ranks of those who threaten our property and right to peaceably assemble,” Moutsos said.

“We care deeply about business owners and those who want to peaceably assemble, enjoy a free concert, and experience quality family fun,” Moutsos said.

UBR has identified an alternate location and is relocating the May 30th event to Studio Ranch Amphitheater near Grantsville. There will be enough space available for up to 300 businesses to participate at this new venue.

“We are anxious to help even more small business owners survive and restore some Constitutional freedoms at the same time,” Moutsos said.

“While it’s sad that some politicians like Michelle Barber and John Swan Adams are drunk on political power and have no concern for small business, UBR continues to stay committed to restoring individual rights and helping Utah’s small businesses survive,” Moutsos concluded.

We are excited to spend an evening hosted in Tooele county with other patriots across Utah!” Eric Moutsos.

The Concert and Business Market will take place on Saturday May 30, 2020 from 5:00 – 10:00 pm

*Event is free, no tickets are required, bring a lawn chair and your family!

If you are a small business and would like a free booth at this event; please visit our website to request one. Space is limited.  

Please be respectful to those who social distance at 7 feet. Feel free to wear PPE. 

Our Facebook Group – Utah Business Revival – now has over 15,000 members and is growing daily. 

The Amphitheatre at Studio Ranch – Box Elder Canyon Road. Tooele County, UT 

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