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Kaysville, UT – Mayor Katie Witt has opened up the city of Kaysville, UT for country music legend Collin Raye to share some of his sixteen #1 hits with Utah.  This event is one of the, if not the, first live concert being held across the United States of America. Kaysville Mayor Witt said, “Come support our local businesses, listen to country music, and be a pioneer and a patriot with us!”

The Concert and Business Revival will take place on Saturday May 30, 2020 from 6:00 – 10:00 pm at Barnes Park. *Event is free, no tickets are required.

Collin Raye said to Eric Moutsos of the Utah Business Revival, “I would be honored to come to Kaysville for the first live concert in America. Music is an extremely powerful tool to help heal our souls, especially in times of uncertainty.”

UBR is excited to help small business owners and hopes to drive revenue to hurting businesses in Kaysville and the state of Utah.

“It’s a great sign to see so many local mayors stepping up!” said Eric Moutsos.  

Eric Moutsos is the former Salt Lake City Police Officer who recently led the Utah Business Revival Market in Vineyard, UT.  At that event, small businesses had the opportunity to showcase their goods and services and there were even some new businesses which launched for the first time.  According to Moutsos, “If we can all stand in line waiting for toilet paper, we can certainly all shop safely in an open air market and enjoy a country music legend, Collin Raye.” 

We are pleased to invite all UBR members, along with the general public, to enjoy this concert and market in Kaysville.  The event will feature so-called “non-essential” businesses and give business owners an opportunity to interact with the public and sell or market their goods and services.  

“These businesses were previously considered non-essential, insofar as some were not on the list of those the government approved to be open during Covid19.  At UBR we believe all business is essential,” Moutsos said.  It is a fundamental right all American citizens share to gather, work and safely interact, even in times of crisis.” 

This event hopes to inspire businesses and organizations all over the country. This is not just a concert, it is an event that wants to send a positive message that maybe it’s time we unify and not let this be another enemy of this country that we will need to overcome.

We call on the governor to lift restrictions that infringe on the people’s first amendment rights of expression and their 14th amendment rights of life, liberty, or property.

If you are a small business and would like a free booth at this event; please visit our website to request one. Space is limited.  

Please be respectful to those who social distance at 7 feet. Feel free to wear the proper protection. 

The Facebook group page called Utah Business Revival now has over 13,000 members and is growing daily. 

Location: Barnes Park – 950 W 200 N, Kaysville, UT

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