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Vineyard, UT – Mayor Julie Fullmer has opened her city up for small business and hopes to drive revenue to hurting businesses in Vineyard, UT. According Julie Fullmer “all are welcome” to Vineyard. “It’s a great sign to see a Mayor stepping up for their constituents and restoring faith that our elected officials are here to help” said Eric Moutsos.

Eric Moutsos, the former police officer who recently led the Utah Business Revival Rally in Salt Lake City is pleased to invite all UBR members along with the general public to the Business Expo showcasing a social distancing event in support of Utah businesses. The event will take place on Saturday May 2nd, from noon to 4 pm, on a property in the heart of Vineyard City. The event will feature so-called non-essential businesses and give business owners an opportunity to interact with the public and sell their goods and services.

If you are a small business and would like a free booth at this event: please visit our website to request one, space is limited.

“These businesses are only non-essential insofar as they are not on the list of those the government has put forward, at UBR we believe all business is essential,” Moutsos said. “Whether you’re a barber or an esthetician, or a massage therapist, whatever your livelihood is, it is essential to you and your family,” Moutsos continued. “Government cannot have the final say on what is essential and what is non-essential. It is a fundamental right all American citizens share to gather, work and safely interact, even in times of crisis.”

Excited to have speakers: Local businessman & candidate for Governor Thomas Wright, Candidate for Lt. Governor Rob Bishop, Candidate for Congress Rep. Kim Coleman, Rep. Phil Lyman, Rep. Kera Birkeland, Rep. Marc Roberts, Rep. Kevin Stratton, Utah County Clerk Amelia Powers Gardner, County Commissioner Paul Cozzens, Candidate for Congress Burgess Owens as well as Former UT Speaker of the House, and candidate for Governor Greg Hughes. This is an open invite to candidates & elected officials who support our cause from either side of the aisle to join us.

The Facebook group page called Utah Business Revival now has over 11,000 members and is growing daily. Interestingly, Facebook has taken action to try to limit the reach of the group page, but the effort of its organizers continues. “We will not be silenced. Our American Constitution is not dimmed by the attempts of well-meaning or even agenda-driven politicians or mega-corporations. We have to speak up and be heard. We are the economy. We the people are America.”

Please watch the Facebook announcements carefully for further instructions, and remember, this is a non-violent, family friendly event where all attendees are asked to stay not just six, but rather seven feet apart, and are encouraged to wear the appropriate protective gear.

Location: Field south of the Vineyard Megaplex behind the Chubby’s parking lot in “The Yard” complex

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