I need to share my feelings about last night specifically…

I stayed in a hotel in SLC and was able to witness the absolute evil that took place with the riots in the street. I drove up to the capitol and saw all the damage. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Even though I tried to play it cool on the FB live, it really hurt my heart.

I don’t know if you guys realize this, but these riots are very well planned out and potentially funded by very powerful people who want the entire American idea to die. Why? Because they want government to rule and reign our lives. And they are using unintelligent people to get to their goal of a government takeover.

Besides how Tooele country handled Jason Manning, Collin Raye, and the UBR, can you think of anything else more ironic than thugs ripping through the SLC streets, burning cars, looting stores, etc etc, all to keep trying to give the same Government even more power in the end?

Do they not see what they are doing?

They want society to burn so the government will then take a harder stance to strip away our God given rights even more? Including our second amendment rights?

Here’s a letter they need to send the police …

“Hey police, we hate you so much because of an officer in Minnesota killed a man, and now want to fight with you; so you can turn around and be forced to enact Marshall type laws, to end up taking away our rights and guns, so we can ultimately make you a lot more powerful than you ever were before, and in turn crush us even harder.”

– Love,

The incredibly stupid people of society


Now, let’s contrast last night as a witness of what true Partiots and Americans do during crisis.

Yes, we stormed a park in Tooele. Probably broke some type of ordinance or code or parking or whatever… There’s so many laws and ordinances on the books I’m sure we were “guilty” of something, but after Tooele County took their incredibly hypocriical stance (still allowing the BMX event), I believe we were obligated as Americns to show them we will not be pushed around and our rights be violated.

Yes there’s “the law”, but there’s also the spirit of the law and the letter of the law. And Tooele County broke the spirit, big time. It was palable in the court room. Injustice has a spirit to it, and that spirit was strong. I mourned inside for America. It was a complete and utter injustice what they did shutting down the Mannings and allowing the BMX event during this crisis. I’ve never witnessed first hand such a terrible “trial” in a courtroom. The cake was already baked from day 1. It hurt.

The last three months in America we have witnessed govenment officials and health departments everywhere smash The Constitution and our God given rights. “The Process” was completly compromised by THEM, not us. I believe We The People MUST push back against “the new normal process” THEY decided to create overnight. Making rules up as they go, all based on fear with ZERO facts or science to back them up.

Instead of tearing down, looting, catching things on fire, etc etc , The UBR stormed a park last night and tried to build up society and small business. Build up, not tear down. Oh, as we listened to all 16 number 1 hits of Collin Raye while we did it.

And we are the bad guys?

We are the thugs to Tooele County? Have they commented on the riots? Have they commented or “tweeted” on “the process” these thugs are doing tearing down the States Capitol streets? No. Why? Because they passive agressivly acted like thugs themselves, all in the name of “the process” “the law” and “safety”….

This is how government operates to gain even more control. All for “safety”.

Paxton Guymon (the Mannings attorney) spoke last night at the revival, and made a statement that pierced my heart. He said “God is smiling down on this park today.” Those words entered into me with force because that’s the spirit of liberty. And where there’s the spirit of liberty, above any earthly law, that’s why God can dwell. “Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” -2nd Cor 3:17

The park we “stormed”, was property once owned by Ezra Taft Bensons family. It was a grain mill. It was were they gathered all their grain to provide food for all the families of that small community. Very fitting for what we did last night for dozens of small businesses and their families. One of the food trucks had a line that didn’t stop. It was beautiful. Someone came to me and counted over 2000 people, including small children who saw an example of their parents promoting freedom and liberty.

I cannot thank each of of you enough who came to this event to revive these dying businesses. There’s no way we could have done this without you. I keep getting notes with thank you’s, but none of this could be done without you. I teared up several times last night. I promise to the other vendors that bought perishable food for the Mannings event, and weren’t able to sell, I will see to it to make you whole to the best of my ability.

We raised about $1,700 to the Non profit group yesterday, Loving Liberty @lovingliberty (venmo) and they are going to help divide those funds to those businesses who may have had perishable items go to waste because they weren’t able to sell at the ranch. Again, I’m deeply sorry and will do my best to make you whole.

Last, America truly is at a tipping point. I fear this is the biginning to things we’ve only seen in movies. We are watching it happen real time. Progressivism paves the way for destruction in the end. A govenment big enough to give you everything you want, is also a govenment big enough to take everything you have. All for your “safety.”

We are working on the Collin Raye event to happen in Cedar City within 2 weeks. Tentatively plan Sat the 13th to make the drive. It’s already been approved by the County Commissioners down there. Actual real Patriots and Leaders who can take a step back and realize what we must do during times of crisis.

The only answer out of this mess is US, We The People, not They The Government.

God Bless Americans🗽🙏🏽

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