Eric Moutsos Announces “Blue Rally” in Support of Law Enforcement

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE- (Call To Action) This Saturday-Tag people and share this video-

Utah Business Revival to Host “Blue Rally” to Support Law Enforcement -Safe rally featuring private citizens and off-duty first responders.

Salt Lake City, UT – Eric Moutsos, a former motors officer at SLCPD is pleased to announce a “Blue Rally”/Business Revival to support men and women of law enforcement, along with small businesses on Saturday afternoon, June 20, 2020, at 451 South State St. in SLC at 5:00pm.

“We are asking for police chiefs and sheriffs from around the state, especially Salt Lake City Police Chief, Mike Brown, to join us in solidarity as we gather to support law enforcement,” Moutsos said. “Chief Brown, along with the department he leads, faced the daunting task of safeguarding our streets during protests and riots where the participants loudly voiced their disdain for our police.”

“We hope that Chief Brown, along with Mayor Mendenhall, will join us in support of these brave men and women in law enforcement who conducted themselves professionally in the face of ridicule and even violence,” Moutsos continued. “Remember, 21 of our officers were injured in the events of late May. This cannot stand without us showing our utmost gratitude.”

Participants are asked to wear blue attire to show their support for law enforcement officers nationwide, who daily risk everything to defend lives and property in the communities they serve. Moutsos said the growing demand to defund or even disband law enforcement agencies is troubling, at best. “Can you imagine an American society that is forced to gain control of its streets using National Guard units and other members of the armed forces? Is that the objective of rioters—to create division to the point where the overwhelming majority of good cops see no solution but to resign, leaving us in a perpetual state of martial law? Do they not understand that the government will quell violent uprisings using the military, which, in the end, will cost more lives—including black lives?”

Police officers, firefighters, and other first responders are asked to attend and to do so in a way that is within policy at their many agencies. Police and sheriff executives who wish to take a more direct role in showing support at the event should get directly in touch with event organizers. “The goal is to have thousands of people from all walks of life join us in solidarity as we show our overwhelming support for law enforcement,” Moutsos said. The Facebook Group, Utah Business Revival, now has more than 18,500 members and is growing daily. Please watch the Facebook announcement carefully for further instruction and, remember, this is a non-violent rally where all attendees are asked to respect those who social distance at 7 feet. Please purchase food from SLC establishments and bring it to the rally/revival.

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